Geo tools, for free!

An accurate api to request any geographic information :

  • IPv4 Geolocation
  • ISP and carriers details
  • Countries and currencies databases
  • Currency conversion

Api key is not needed for testing and free for production usage.

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Use this Api
How to use your Api ?

Complete documentation coming soon...

We are currently writing the new documentation. Feel free to give a try to a working AJAX example, there is really nothing complex to understand !

Is it up to date ?

We keep our database up-to-date by fetching in real-time the official currencies data providers and Internet authorities as soon as a record reached a certain amount of time, in order to make sure it is not outdated. The result always returns the record's date.

Is it safe ?

Although other providers require membership to use HTTPS calls, we require encrypted communications for any type of data transfer.

We consider that no one should have to pay for security.

How much it costs ?

This Api is completely free and you can use it in your personnal or commercial website, but the number of requests by IP/Key is limited.

Current usage and reset time are returned in real-time with every request, unless you specify to not list them.

Commercial use
Can I do commercial usage ?

You can use this Api on a commercial website but as this is a free service, there is no warranty or financial insurance for the provided datas.

By using it to do commercial transactions or user data treatments, you agree to be responsible for any data accuracy matters.

What are the usage limits ?

The Api is rate-limited by IP to the following requests, whichever the first :

  • 1000 /hour
  • 10 000 /day

You can request a free Key to rise the limits to :

  • 10 000 /hour
  • 200 000 /day
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